The doubt to to add the new type?

Dear Mr.::

So far,I still have two questions.

For the first question,I am adding the recognition to a new type , so I want to know about LLVM / CLANG running mechanism of identifying the type . For example, when recogning the type , CLANG is own analytical type or call LLVM to resolve the type.So now can you tell me about LLVM and CLANG’operation mechanism for the identification of the type Or give me some relevant information?

For the second question, the new type I am adding is the base type Bit in the microcontroller. I now follow the step to add a new type in the LLVM official website[1] to modify the LLVM source code ,what’s more,It is compiled successfully. So I wrote a test program in VS2015 to identify the new type I added, but still did not recognize it. I debug the test program, followed the program to run inside, did not go to the LLVM code I added. So I do not know where the problem is in.I also not clear that the code in CLANG is or not needs to be modified. Can you explain it to me?

Thanke you for your guidance.

sincerely zhangya