The first small step to an ELLCC release.

I'm getting closer to having an actual release of my ELLCC collection of tools
to do cross compilation using my clang/LLVM based compiler and associated
support programs and libraries.

I have one set of download binaries available, for Fedora 16 x86_64 systems.
The download includes the compiler, binutils, gdb, precompiled standard
libraries and qemu support for arm, armeb, i386, microblaze, mips, mipsel,
ppc, ppc64, and x86_64. The library source is also included.

C has been most extensively tested, but limited C++ functionality is
available. The major thing missing from C++ is libunwind.

The download is available at

I'm still tracking down a few issues with my regression tests so I still very
much consider this a pre-release.