The LLVM Sanitizers stage accomplished

I've finished the interruption for LLVM Sanitizers:

Plan for the next milestone:

Keep upstreaming a pile of local compiler-rt patches.
Restore the LLDB support for traced programs with a single thread.

This work was sponsored by <The NetBSD Foundation>.

Great work. Have you tried (or considered) setting up an LLDB buildbot that runs the LLDB test suite with all of the sanitizers turned on?


The general goal of mine with the LLVM & surrounding work is to turn on
all the features and to enable the execution of regular tests.

Building and testing LLDB or other software, on a buildbot, under LLVM
Sanitizers has not been planned and is beyond the scope with the current

I must mention that it is possible and it would be a great goal to
achieve. First we would need to accomplish the goals mentioned in the
blog entry "Future directions and goals". In general while in the
current GNU/Linux distributions it's non-trivial to integrate sanitizers
) it's relatively simple in an Operating System distribution such as NetBSD.

Just turn a global distribution option like "MKSANITIZER=Thread" or
"MemoryWithOrigins", build the userland and we are ready to go. To name
a few dependencies of LLDB will get ready to use out-of-the-box
libraries for *San: -lkvm, -ledit, -lterminfo, -lcurses, -lform,
-lpanel, -lz, -lelf, -l[std]c++, -lpython, -lxml.

Getting this finished is a lot of work in the current circumstances and
if we could get interest and help (namely more people aboard working on
it) from e.g. Chromium guys to build such infrastructure - I will ensure
to make it happen.