The LLVMLinux Project

Thanks Behan for the project summary.

I’ve been focused on building ARM Linux (versatile express) with Clang as part of the LLVMLinux project.

There is only one remaining ARM specific issue with Clang/LLVM which if fixed would allow an unmodified Clang/LLVM build to build the tip ARM Linux kernel with a few Linux patches:

  • ARM 64-bit type handling (ARM paired registers), namely Bug 11753

Other non-gating Clang/LLVM issues:

  • Improved Clang IA support for ARM - to remove gas dependency
  • Compiler-rt cross build for ARM which is needed for EABI builds (Bug 12989)

The --mabi=aapcs-linux (Bug 11326) issue listed above would be very nice to have fixed as the only kernel workaround is to remove the flag.

The debug output from Clang is very helpful and I look forward to building upstream Linux for ARM in the near future with upstream Clang/LLVM.

  • Mark Charlebois