The Neu Framework using LLVM and Clang


I recently completed a first version of “The Neu Framework” and have made it available as open-source under a BSD-style license. I am using LLVM and Clang LibTooling for certain key parts of it. Details can be found at:

Would it be possible to have my framework added under the “Projects built with LLVM” page?

Here’s a brief description taken from the website:

“Neu features a large range of functionality including: powerful datatypes, most importantly nvar, a recursive variant type capable of representing virtually any type of data, including nested and symbolic data, in a highly efficient manner – the nvar is used as an AST and facilitates attachment of metadata; easy program setup including configuration and options handling; powerful language design features which were used to create NML - an interpreted language with functional programming aspects, NPL - a high-performance concurrent language using LLVM JIT compilation; a task and graph-based concurrency system; networking and distributed objects; Meta Concepts: A Knowledge-Based Code Generation System using an approach similar to genetic programming; high performance neural networks using LLVM/JIT; several utility classes, and more.”

In short, here’s how I’m using LLVM and Clang:

-NPL - using LLVM MC JIT to create a high-performance concurrent language

-High performance neural networks systems also built using LLVM/JIT

-Using Clang and LibTooling to automate the generation of “boilerplate” code for features of the Neu framework such as making C++ methods callable by Neu’s interpreter, capturing metadata about classes and methods, to enable distributed objects method dispatch, and more.

Many thanks to the LLVM and Clang developers who have made it possible for me to do the above and thanks for your consideration and time!