the root cause is copy propagation of undef

I can see that you are upset, but this is because you have
taken offense when none was intended, which is a sure-fire way
to spoil any email conversation.

And it also seems you are upset not because I am not listening,
rather because I have been listening and have successfully
counter-argued what people have been saying.

I am challenging you to question your assumptions, sometimes
this is a difficult process, both mentally and emotionally.

I imagine you to be an intelligent person with integrity and I value
your participation in this discussion, please consider rejoining.

Peter Lawrence.

Peter, several people reached out to me because this discussion is no longer really proceeding in a way that is reasonable on LLVM’s lists.

John asked you to tone down your approach in these discussions. You haven’t done so and have reiterated your strong tone. Please don’t continue to reiterate your position on the list.

If you want to have a meta-discussion about how to approach this discussion reasonably going forward, feel free to reach out to me privately, and I’ll be happy to talk to you, but I don’t think an email list as large as ‘llvm-dev’ is the right forum.

Also, please refrain from editing subject (or truncating it, etc) as that forks the thread in some email clients and makes it very hard to follow discussions and also very hard for those not participating to skip the thread and participate in other threads.