The vc++ solution cannot live in parallel with a mingw compilation

Hi Jeff and Morten

Does anyone of you win32 guys have the guts to move the sed results from *.in files out of the llvm source folders and place them under llvm/win32 instead?

Then, as I see it, I will be able to to build both vc++ and mingw versions from the same sources. And, that would be nice. Otherwise, the vc++ solution mess up with my mingw compilation.


I'll take a look at it. VC++ projects shouldn't be modifying anything
in the src tree, as it's set up in src != obj mode, with obj being win32.
Not sure when I can get around to it though... I'm in FreeBSD mode
right now :slight_smile:

I shifted out of FreeBSD mode long enough to make the change and commit it.

Jeff Cohen wrote: