Thinking of dropping Microblaze support in ELLCC.

ELLCC ( is an open source cross development tool chain based on clang/LLVM and other open source projects. The LLVM project decided to drop Microblaze last year due to lack of interest. I brought the sources into my source fork of LLVM and have been keeping it fairly up to date since then. It can compile most C and some C++ programs. I haven’t had the time to track down the few bugs remaining to make it fully functional. Currently it compiles cleanly with the latest (as of last weekend) LLVM TOT.

I’m thinking of dropping this quixotic effort so that I can devote more time to the rest of the supported processors. It seems a shame since the clang/LLVM compiler is a very nice tool and I think that Microblaze would benefit from being supported by it.

I’m posting this here in case anyone in the Xilinx world would like to pick it up before it fades away. LLVM is very fast moving and if the code generator is not maintained it will quickly bit rot.