ThinLTO caching & compression


I was wondering if there were plans to add compression to the ThinLTO cache?

If no, what would be a good solution? Use llvm/Support/Compression.h? Integrate any other compression algorithm? (it’d be good if it could work out-of-the-box)

Support HTTP to take advantage of the compression?

Allow for plugins to handle the cache streams? (that would be great, we wouldn’t need any post-processing steps to store the files in our object store)

Also side-question: I was wondering if cache files can be shared across a team? (given relative paths in the compilation cmd-lines)



Should be shareable - don’t think anyone’s working on compression, could probably be implemented separately in your distributed storage layer?

+pcc who implemented the caching for questions on compression. I focus more on ThinLTO in distributed build mode, which doesn’t utilize the built in caching.
But yes, the cache files should be shareable.