Thoughts on subexpression matching


Could you point at an example for #2?

Could you point at an example for #2?

Those are unfortunately in internal tools - we will open source some of it,
but we'll need to find more general abstractions first (stuff we have
internally is pretty special cased and thus not really interesting).

The best example I can think of are the unittests for the AST matchers:;176444$3712


I've read "subexpression" in the title and since you've added cfe-dev to the conversation I just enter it.
What I do is matching things like "a*b+c" or "a<b?a:b", where a,b,c may be arbitrary expressions. I build an AST of the above expressions and match that AST against my source AST.
Though, I'm not sure whether this is related to your discussion.

Best Olaf