Ticket 46201 - Missing LLVM NOTICE file is making redistributing LLVM difficult

Hello all,

I was asked to bring attention to this LLVM ticket to the mailing list:

https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46201 - Missing LLVM NOTICE file
is making redistributing LLVM difficult.

It was recently noted by our legal review in release management that
LLVM third-party licenses are scattered over different files, which
complicates faithful license-preserving redistribution of LLVM to our
users. Having a grouped license declaration of would make building
redistributables easier.


Hi Jukka,

We discussed this with the LLVM Foundation board. While we think there is high utility to providing such a NOTICES file, we don’t know of a way to keep it up to date, and don’t want to be providing incorrect information for such an important topic.

That said, the llvm/LICENSE.TXT checked into the code has this information about how to identify third party licenses in the code base. I hope this is enough to help with your analysis.

Jukka’s has

Our release management at Unity are finding it difficult legal wise to redistribute LLVM,
as LLVM itself does not carry such a NOTICE file that would list the third party licenses of LLVM itself.
Such third party content is found for example at least in the following files

- llvm/lib/Support/COPYRIGHT.regex
- llvm/lib/Support/MD5.cpp
- llvm/lib/Support/xxhash.cpp
- llvm/utils/benchmark/LICENSE
- llvm/utils/unittest/googlemock/LICENSE.txt
- llvm/utils/unittest/googletest/LICENSE.TXT

(in addition to the main license in llvm/LICENSE.txt)

The files under llvm/lib/Support may need a LICENSE.txt. Each of the three files has a different license. The apparent remaining issue is how to have a LICENSE.txt in this case and if there are similar cases not accounted for.

Neil Nelson