Time For automake?


I'd like to convert LLVM to use automake. This, as you know, has been a
hot-button for me over the last several months. See
http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/PR106 for the details.

Now that llvm/test/Programs is moved out of the main source repository,
I think the time is right. However, I don't want to break everyone's
build environment while I develop it. The plan is to have peaceful
co-existence of both makefile/configure systems. We might keep both, or
at some point convert over only to automake. Here's what I propose:

      * New Makefile.am files will appear in the various source
        directories. These can co-exist with the existing "Makefile"
        unless you automake in which case the "Makefile" gets overridden
        by automake (automake turns Makefile.am into Makefile.in which
        gets configured by autoconf/configure into Makefile)
      * A parallel configure script, configure_am will be written that
        uses automake
      * An option to AutoRegen.sh will be added that includes the run of
        automake to create configure_am instead of just "configure".

What this means is that unless you specifically ask for it (by creating
and running the configure_am script), the automake changes won't affect
"normal" builds.

Any thoughts/ideas would be welcome.

Anyone want to help?


Sounds good. Thanks for all of the great work extracting test/Programs