[TLS-optional] Request for pointers to support stack maps on ARM


I plan to add support for stack maps (llvm.experimental.stackmap, etc.) to the ARM back-end. As far as I know, only X86_64, PowerPC, Aarch64, and SystemZ currently supported these intrinsics.

I’m asking for any helpful pointers where to start the implementation for stack maps inside the LLVM source base, in addition to any particular things I need to take care of while implementing this support.

Thank you.

Koutheir Attouchi.


It sounds like you have general getting started type questions. If you reach out to me directly, I’m happy to jump on a call and help answer any questions you’ve got. I can’t help with the ARM specific bits, but I can at least orient you on the stackmap code. I strongly prefer spoken conversation over email for this type of thing, so please don’t send me a list of detailed questions.Â