To review or not to review

Dear LLVM-OpenMP enthusiasts,

I would like to invite you to actively participate in the OpenMP
development! There are various ways to do so, I'll outline three of them
for you in the following.

1) Review patches

  This is probably not the most rewarding way of helping the development
  but the most crucial one nevertheless. I know that patches can be
  long, boring and complicated, the review process can be exhausting,
  and the internet is full of other things you could look at instead.
  However, one could argue it is in your best interest to review patches
  early as it does not only ensure quality and progress, two things
  customers appreciate, but also simplifies the downstream merge and
  review processes. When you know the code already you can more easily
  deal with it in your downstream fork.

  If you are looking for patches to review, look no longer, I got you
    OpenMP context + OpenMP context selectors:
    Declare variant parsing and internal representation:
    Infrastructure for middle-end OpenMP analysis & optimizations:
    More OpenMP optimizations:

2) Write patches

  This is probably a less controversial way to participate in the
  development so I won't go into detail. Just keep in mind to report
  what you are working on on the list and/or in our table(s), e.g.,

3) Participate in the design discussions

  Another one of those less rewarding but crucial ways to aide
  development is to participate in the design discussions. The reasoning
  is the same as for the reviews, the problems are as well. Nevertheless
  it is crucial we have multiple view points when it comes to the design
  of more complex features. Discussions are usually on the mailing lists
  (openmp-dev, cfe-dev, llvm-dev) but sometimes, for better or worse, in
  patch reviews. I would hope people monitor these lists already and
  that we see more participation in the discussions in the future!

Thank you very much for your time, I hope to see your names more often
on the mailing list and in Phabricator!