To test an LLVM pass


I wrote a pass in LLVM and would like to test it on the programs in LLVM test-suite. To be specific, I would like to get the stats upon running my pass on these programs.

What are the commands to run my pass on the test suite?

The test-suite [1][2] runs clang. If you have an LLVM command-line flag to enable your
pass, you can use `-mllvm -your-flag` to pass your flag through clang.

There is some quickstart documentation on running LNT [3]. Have a look at the `--help`
for the `runtest` command to see how to customize which flags are passed down to clang

Hope that helps!


-- dpnes


I've only used LNT. Someone else might be able to help, but I
notice in the overview from your link:

This way of interacting with the test-suite is deprecated in
favor of running the test-suite using LNT

You might not get too far via make.