tooling libraries missing in Windows download

I was looking to write a cross platform utility that worked with ELF/DWARF files. I need the utility to run on OS X, Linux and Windows. I figured I could use clang/llvm to build this tool.

I’ve made good progress on OS X. Before I got too far, though. I decided to verify that I can build the code on Windows. I downloaded the 3.8.0 Windows installer from the llvm downwloads page, ran the installer, but was disappointed to see libraries like LLVMObject, LLVMBitReader, etc missing.

Do I need to build LLVM from scratch on Windows to get these libraries?

As far as I know they are not shipped with the LLVM installer for windows,
there where some talk of including a LLVM.[lib|dll] but it doesn't seem to
have gone very far.

We are using this script to generate a LLVM.dll for our use case.

It should be possible to use that in the official build.

Cheers, Jakob.

Hell, I’d be happy with them as just as libs. But I think you’ve confirmed that if I build LLVM with Visual Studio, I’ll get those libs. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.