Transferring SelectionDAG code ownership

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, I no longer have the time to be a proper code owner for SelectionDAG. In the interest of the project and to keep development running smoothly, I am resigning my code ownership. Justin Bogner has graciously volunteered to take it up. He has a strong history of LLVM contributions, a demonstrated commitment to good community development practices, and has experience shaving the infinite herd of SelectionDAG yaks.

I am happy to recommend Justin take over the SelectionDAG code ownership, pending the approval of the community.



Justin has demonstrated interest and expertise in the area and overall good judgement. I believe he will be an excellent code owner.

+1 too.




+1 on SelectionDAG ownership


Sounds good, thank you Owen. Justin, assuming you have no concerns, please update CODE_OWNERS.txt. Congrats!


Chris Lattner <> writes: