Triple for PS3


I’m doing some preliminary work to get Clang to compile for PS3 targets. As an intermediate step in that direction, could someone do me the favor of reviewing and submitting the enclosed patch, or giving me feedback on it?

Basically, I need to be able to differentiate the triple for a PS3 target. These are the triples currently used in the gcc-based compiler from the PS3 devkit:


“ppu” is an alias for the existing ppc64 architecture (though in the future there might need to be some specialization), “spu” is already an alias for cellspu, and “lv2” is the alias for a new Lv2 type, refering to the name used for the PS3 OS.



ps3triple.patch (1.56 KB)

Committed in revision 89339.

I believe your going to need to make a patch for LV2 in
autoconf/ also and then regenerate configure.

Many Thanks,
Edward O'Callaghan.