triples for baremetal

Well, depends on what you mean by 'work', and also what is meant by that
triple. To me, it means:

    ArchType: arm
    VendorType: CodeSourcery
    OSType: UnknownOS (not bare-metal)
    EnvironmentType: UnknownEnvironment
    ObjectFormatType: elf

Isn't that funny that, when we want to come up with a reasonable and
logical "triple", it actually has 5 fields? :slight_smile:

That's why Clang and LLVM are desperately trying to move away from
triples, into separate flags. But if you separate the default from the
triple handling, we can re-use the default for the separate arguments
in the same way we use for legacy triples.

Does that make sense?

It does when we control the environment. On legacy systems, not even
the user does. :frowning: