Trouble Building the Clang-Format VS plugin

Hi All,

According to the “Clang - Getting Started” guide, only Visual Studio 2013 and newer are supported as clang build environments. However, the README for clang-format-vs states:

Build prerequisites are:
- Visual Studio 2012 Professional
- Visual Studio 2010 Professional
- Visual Studio 2010 SDK.

The extension is built using CMake by setting BUILD_CLANG_FORMAT_VS_PLUGIN=ON
when configuring a Clang build, and building the clang_format_vsix target.

After following the directions in the README, I try to build clang_format_vsix in VS2015, I get the following error:

Solution file ‘C:\Users\Work\llvm\tools\clang\tools\clang-format-vs\ClangFormat.sln’ is from a previous version of this application and must be migrated in order to build in this version of the application. To migrate the solution, open the solution in this version of the application.

When I open ClangFormat.sln in VS2012 (ClangFormat.sln is a VS2012 solution), it complains that it doesn’t support ClangFormat.csproj (because ClangFormat.csproj is a VS2010 project), so I have no idea how to build this.

Any help would be much appreciated.

~Scott Constable

+hans for what exactly he builds it with.

I migrated the .csproj file to Visual Studio 2013 in r231084. Seems I
should have updated the README at the same time.

Visual Studio 2013 is what I use to build the plugin. I also needed to
install the Visual Studio 2013 SDK. And I still have the Visual Studio
2010 SDK installed (not sure if that's actually required though).

Sorry, for not being able to give a more authoritative answer - I
don't actually know how the plugin works, I just build it.

Hope that helps,