trouble generating

Hey all,
I want to run the file in the utils folder but I am having trouble running the script because the file is not generated properly.

So in order to generate that I am running make in the /runtime/libprofile. when I do that I get the following message.
llvm[0]: Linking Release Lodable Module
llvm[0]: Compiling BasicBlockTracing.c for Release build (bytecode)
make: *** No rule to make target `/net/hc287/abhi232/Desktop/LLVM/llvm-1.9/Release/bin/gccas', needed by `/net/hc287/abhi232/Desktop/LLVM/llvm-1.9/runtime/libprofile/Release/BasicBlockTracing.bc'. Stop.

So I looked into the Makefile.common and then in Makefile.rules.
Inside Makefile.rules I found that the
ifndef GCCAS
GCCAS := $(LLVMToolDir)/gccas$(EXEEXT)

And somehow this is not set is what I am guessing. Is there some option that I need to specify when I am doing gmake in the source folder?

Please some advice on this issue.