Trouble running Python tests on Windows

Indeed, SWIG 4.0.0 does not work with LLDB, SWIG 3.0.12 is required.

I got into another issue, because of running on a French locale (fr-CA), the tests were throwing this:

UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xe9 in position 23: invalid continuation byte

0xe9 is an accentuated ‘e’ on a Windows-1252 encoding. The error above was due to:

output = output + this_output.decode(“utf-8”) # in lldb/trunk/packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/

I had to change the default locale to ‘en_US’ using:

However just FYI, there are still 3 tests failing. I am running a clean checkout on r362268. Assertions are enabled.

F:\svn>ninja check-lldb -C buildninja

ninja: Entering directory `buildninja’

[0/2422] Building native llvm-tblgen…

ninja: no work to do.

[1/807] Building native clang-tblgen…

ninja: no work to do.

[3/38] Generating

– Found Subversion: C:/Program Files/TortoiseSVN/bin/svn.exe (found version “1.11.1”)

[4/8] Python script sym-linking LLDB Python API

Making symlink from …....\bin\liblldb.dll to f:\svn\buildninja.\lib\site-packages\lldb_lldb.pyd

Making symlink from …....\bin\lldb-argdumper.exe to f:\svn\buildninja.\lib\site-packages\lldb\lldb-argdumper.exe

[7/8] Running lldb lit test suite F:/svn/llvm\utils\lit\lit\llvm\ note: using clang: f:\svn\buildninja\bin\clang.exe F:/svn/llvm\utils\lit\lit\llvm\ note: using ld.lld: f:\svn\buildninja\bin\ld.lld.exe F:/svn/llvm\utils\lit\lit\llvm\ note: using lld-link: f:\svn\buildninja\bin\lld-link.exe F:/svn/llvm\utils\lit\lit\llvm\ note: using ld64.lld: f:\svn\buildninja\bin\ld64.lld.exe F:/svn/llvm\utils\lit\lit\llvm\ note: using wasm-ld: f:\svn\buildninja\bin\wasm-ld.exe

– Testing: 1669 tests, 12 threads –

Testing: 0 … 10… 20…

UNRESOLVED: lldb-Suite :: functionalities/platform/ (520 of 1669)

******************** TEST ‘lldb-Suite :: functionalities/platform/’ FAILED ********************

Unable to find ‘RESULT: PASSED’ in dotest output:

lldb version 9.0.0 ( revision 362282)

clang revision 362282

llvm revision 362282

A s s e r t i o n f a i l e d : ! K e y I n f o T : : i s E q u a l ( V a l , E m p t y K e y ) & & ! K e y I n f o T : : i s E q u a l ( V a l , T o m b t o n e K e y ) & & " E m p t y / T o m b s t o n e v a l u e s h o u l d n ’ t b e i n s e r t e d i n t o m a p ! " , f i l e F : \ s v n \ l l m \ i n c l u d e \ l l v m / A D T / D e n s e M a p . h , l i n e 6 2 0