Trouble Using scan-build in Windows

Hello Clang Users and Developers,

I apologize in advance if this is going to the wrong email list, but I thought I would start here as this is the LLVM Developers list.

I am currently working on using Clang and LLVM in some research I am doing. More specifically at this time I am trying to use the Clang Static Analysis Tool. I have been able to follow the instructions on the Static Analysis Tool site as well as the LLVM page for compiling the code with Cmake for use with Visual Studio, and I have successfully built the system using “ALL_BUILD” as well as have testing successfully clang by build “clang-test” in visual studio.

With that said I seem to be able to find the bin file from which all the material from the system was installed. Following the directions, I would believe it to be located in the \bin directory under build but it is not there. I have also search my llvm and build directories with no mention of scan-build being found via inspection or search.

I was wondering if the instructions online were outdated and a newer process for running the Clang Static Analyzer was now used? Is the project even still active and worth me using in the development of my C programs? Is there now a way to use the tool from an IDE on the code you have written, such as through Eclipse or Visual Studio?

These are the questions I currently have as I am stuck after building and testing via the instructions found here: Any assistance would be most appreciative.


Jon Lockhart
PhD Candidate - EE Systems
IEEE Vice President 13/14
University of Cincinnati