Trouble with arcanist


I’m trying to contribute a patch for the first time in a while and I’m running into problems using arcanist:


[Certificate/1] ( There was an error verifying the SSL Certificate Authority while negotiating the SSL connection. This usually indicates you are using a self-signed certificate.

Since arcanist is what I’ve used before and I’m more comfortable with it that the web interface, I am hoping someone can help me triage. I updated arcanist to the latest version of master just today, but that didn’t fix the issue. Suggestions much appreciated.

Thank you,

– Alexis

There was previous discussion of this at (sorry, I don’t actually have any of the details)

The short answer is that the phabricator project is dead, and this is a result of discontinued maintenance. If you look at, it was recently updated with instruction on how to cherry-pick a patch to your local arcanist to resolve the issue.


Christopher Tetreault