trouble with AsmPrinter registration

Hello everyone!

Could somebody, advice me what’s wrong with my AsmPrinter? I’ve created ColdFireAsmPrinter.cpp file, and added initialization:

extern “C” void LLVMInitializeColdFireAsmPrinter() {
RegisterAsmPrinter X(TheColdFireTarget);

But, unfortunately, after build AsmPrinters.def doesn’t contain LLVM_ASM_PRINTER(ColdFire). Maybe I’ve missed something important?


But, unfortunately, after build AsmPrinters.def doesn't contain
LLVM_ASM_PRINTER(ColdFire). Maybe I've missed something important?

Yes. How the .def would be generated from the source? :slight_smile:

Make sure:

0. Configure knows about your target
1. You re-configured LLVM (with removed cache)
2. You filled LLVMBuild.txt properly

1. I've configured llvm with my target. And after, I added AsmPrinter. Do I
need re-configure LLVM, or only re-make?

re-configure, as I mentioned

2. required_libraries list contains AsmPrinter or you mean something else?

has_asmprinter = 1 in TargetGroup