Trying to build clang but don't appear to have it in the source


From the Clang Get Started page,

Clang is released as part of regular LLVM releases. You can download the release versions from

I downloaded it, and built it. No clang was installed. I grepped the downloaded source and clang doesn’t appear to be in there.

$ ls -lR llvm-3.4.2.src/ | grep clang
-rwxr-xr-x 1 iainuser iainuser 3249 22 Dec 2012 clang-parse-diagnostics-file
-rw-r–r-- 1 iainuser iainuser 401 24 Sep 2013 mergefunctions.clang.svn.patch

The bin/ that was produced by the LLVM build:

$ ls -R
bugpoint llvm-as llvm-diff llvm-lto llvm-readobj llvm-tblgen
llc llvm-bcanalyzer llvm-dis llvm-mc llvm-rtdyld macho-dump
lli llvm-c-test llvm-dwarfdump llvm-mcmarkup llvm-size opt
lli-child-target llvm-config llvm-extract llvm-nm llvm-stress
llvm-ar llvm-cov llvm-link llvm-objdump llvm-symbolizer

I’m not entirely clear what I should be doing, other that pulling down the source via SVN, but I’d prefer a release than a checkout.

If anyone can point me in the correct direction for the last release of Clang, I’d be very grateful.


Are you sure you did step 3:

Checkout Clang:

     cd llvm/tools
     svn co clang
     cd ../..

It doesn't look like it since that should have produced a clang
directory; yet, that doesn't appear in your `ls -lR` output.



Well, I did that after building LLVM because the instructions say it should be in the download.

Now I’m (attempting, but failing) to build Clang from the latest svn commit, but as I say, I’d much prefer to use a release copy.