Trying to find all unread stuff

I’m looking for some kind of view or whatever that will show me everything I haven’t read, in a particular set of categories. Whether it’s a new topic, or a reply, whether I’ve replied on the topic or not, that’s what I want to see.

I’ve set a bunch of categories to Tracking, on the theory that this would cause new/unread topics to show up under Unread. Doesn’t seem to be working, though; the description of Unread implies I have to have read the topic before it will show up there (?).

(In effect, I’m trying to conjure up a Discourse mode/display/view that will show me exactly what an email subscription to llvm-dev/cfe-dev would get me. Without the email subscription part.)

Have you tried playing with mute?
I think a combination of muting categories and sub-categories you are not interested in, will allow your “latest” feed in the main page to show you what you want.

I’ve also found theDiscourse New User Guide to be pretty good. I don’t remember seeing exactly what you are after, but it may have enough info to put something together.

Muting turns off even @ notifications, doesn’t it? I was reluctant to do that, but I will if that’s what it takes.

That’s a good question - I was wondering that myself.
I was hoping the @notifications would trump muting, even if it does so by delivering a message directly to me. But I honestly don’t know. I’ve never had anyone @ me, so I honestly don’t know what it looks like :slight_smile:

Assuming this is still correct

  • @mentions will always work even on muted categories, unless the topic is explicitly muted

This matches my experience on Swift’s discourse.

Sigh… Muting categories doesn’t prevent things from showing up in New, and Unread is still empty.

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@pogo59 What do you mean by New?

The categories I’ve muted I don’t see anything from then in my Latest tab. I also don’t see them in Top tab.

On the home page, next to the Categories button, I see
Latest New(5) Top
That’s what I mean by New.

Ah, the site is too clever… I actually replied to a post in MLIR, then muted the category, and I still see that MLIR topic in Latest. But that’s because I replied to it; I don’t see anything else in MLIR. So I take it back, muting categories is progress. Muting also keeps things out of New. Definite progress!

Thanks for the help and tips, folks. I just really don’t get along with GUIs that well!

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Awesome! Glad it’s working.

I don’t see a New tab, only Categories, Latest, and Top. I may have something different in my settings.