TTA-Based Codesign Environment (TCE) v1.2 released!

Announcing the Release of TTA-Based Codesign Environment (TCE) v1.2

TTA-Based Codesign Environment (TCE) is a toolset for designing
application-specific processors (ASP) based on the Transport Triggered
Architecture (TTA). The toolset provides a complete codesign flow from C
programs down to synthesizable VHDL and parallel program binaries. Processor
customization points include the register files, function units, supported
operations, and the interconnection network.

New features since the last release include LLVM 2.7 support with Clang as the
default compiler frontend, Altera MIF-format support for the Program Image
Generator, tools for testing that implementations match the architecture
model, and a lot of speedups and bugfixes.


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