turning on tests for OS X llvm.org Green Dragon builder

Hi all,

I’m working on turning this on soon here (sometime this afternoon). It is possible that we’ll see a bit of noise as I get it going. If we get erroneous output from the builder while I get this settled, I’ll be sure to post on that email thread.

I’ll send out a “it’s really on” email once it is both on and working.

It’ll be running both the gtests (C++ unit tests) and the LLDB Python test suite.

Still in progress. I’ve got the tests running, but I’ve still got some configuration issues to work out to get them running cleanly.

Hi all,

This is complete. We now have OS X running the tests (both gtest and Python tests) at the end of the build phase on the LLVM Green Dragon OS X build.

This build:http://lab.llvm.org:8080/green/view/LLDB/job/LLDB/15459/

is the first build where I got everything working.

It already sends nag emails to the authors of any changes when it first switches state to a broken state. And, now, broken will include broken gtests or broken Python tests in addition to build breaks.