tutorial on Xcode for LLVM bytecode?


I recently procured a Mac since it has built-in LLVM debugger.
However, I am new to Xcode and so on, I would like to be directed to
some step-by-step tutorial on compiling LLVM bytecode in Xcode.

I tried selecting LLVM assembly as the source in Xcode when I try
compiling some .bc file. However, It says:

warning: no rule to process file '$(PROJECT_DIR)/test5/main.asm.llvm'
of type sourcecode.asm.llvm for architecture x86_64

I also changed the target into LLVM assebly files using LLVM GCC 4.2
when I was trying out compiling some c files. However, it was not

Can someone give me some steps in using LLVM in Xcode?