Two CLs requiring changes to the Xcode project

Hi all,

I submitted r252993 and 252994. These changes will require a corresponding change in the Xcode workspace. Would anyone mind making those changes for me? It should be pretty simple, just need to add a .cpp and .h file to the gtest target for ScriptInterpreterPythonTests, and add PythonExceptionState.cpp to Plugins/ScriptInterpreter/Python

Done in r252998.

I didn't see anything in the xcode project file about a gtest target.


Hmm, can you ask Todd about it? He said he added one, but I’m not sure how it works.

Ah, my bad. It's the lldb-gtest target.

Thanks! I actually forgot, there’s one more file for the lldb-gtest target. It’s PythonExceptionStateTests.cpp.

Thanks for the help

Looks like everything was covered. Thanks, all!