Typedefs in Sema.h

While browsing Sema.h, I came across these typedefs (starting at Sema.h:176):

  typedef OpaquePtr<DeclGroupRef> DeclGroupPtrTy;
  typedef OpaquePtr<TemplateName> TemplateTy;
  typedef OpaquePtr<QualType> TypeTy;
  typedef Attr AttrTy;
  typedef CXXBaseSpecifier BaseTy;
  typedef CXXCtorInitializer MemInitTy;
  typedef Expr ExprTy;
  typedef Stmt StmtTy;
  typedef TemplateParameterList TemplateParamsTy;
  typedef NestedNameSpecifier CXXScopeTy;

It looks like that the OpaquePtr's would still be useful, but the
others looks like they can be removed. Is there any reason they
should still be around or can they be phased out in favor of the
original type?

I think they can be phased out. These were originally typedefs for void* back in the bad old days of "Actions".


Yeah, I just got tired of typing at some point when I was changing things over.