Typing in lldb is broken

Hi All,

After recent upgrade when I launch lldb and type any command I see something like this:
(lldb) \U+73464\U+7346A\U+7340A\U+7340A

I can’t even exit from lldb. I have to kill it in another terminal. Not sure if it is relevant but I am using arch linux. No any other app behaves like that. Is this lldb bug or something wrong with my terminal settings?


This is probably some interaction between LLDB *and* your terminal.
Hard to say why without knowing your environment. Could you check how
is your terminal configured (unicode yes/no, which emulation mode,
codepage, ...). Also try running "env" in your terminal and check for
anything out of place there. If you send these items over, someone
might be able to help.

good luck,

Agreed. LLDB uses some odd tricks in order to coerce libedit into displaying a different colored prompt, so these extra characters are doubtless a symptom of attempting to use ANSI cursor movement that is being misinterpreted by your terminal emulation.

Kate Stone k8stone@apple.com
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The bug seems to be in lldb. However, I made lldb work again by downgrading libedit. I got that idea from a bug report for this issue at archlinux bugzilla.
Thank you all