Unable to arc install-certificate


on a fresh install (i.e. newly-cloned arcanist and llvm-project), I get this. Any ideas?


arc install-certificate
CONNECT Connecting to “https://reviews.llvm.org/api/”…
Usage Exception: Failed to connect to server (https://reviews.llvm.org/api/): [HTTP/500] Internal Server Error
As received by the server, this request had a nonzero content length but no POST data.

Normally, this indicates that it exceeds the ‘post_max_size’ setting in the PHP configuration on the server. Increase the ‘post_max_size’ setting or reduce the size of the request.

Request size according to ‘Content-Length’ was ‘59’, ‘post_max_size’ is set to ‘32M’.

Hmm - I’m running a pretty old version & seems to be working for me:

$ arc version

arcanist 3b6b523c2b236e3724a1e115f126cb6fd05fa128 (18 Feb 2017)

libphutil 13a200ca7621ab2b48a0c395f52f8c4411bbc686 (4 Mar 2017)

$ arc install-certificate

CONNECT Connecting to “https://reviews.llvm.org/api/”…


Open this page in your browser and login to Phabricator if necessary:


Then paste the API Token on that page below.

Paste API Token from that page: cli-zwvn5sxh5ivhvp5e7mgplbyou37f

Writing ~/.arcrc…

SUCCESS! API Token installed.

Perhaps the recent changes that broke gmail federated login (http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2020-April/140734.html) also broke backwards compatibility? So the newer client can’t cope with the old phabricator instance we have running?

I thought so, initially. But I’m able to log in to reviews.llvm.org. Also, I assume install-certificate is before any of these considerations?

I see the same after https://secure.phabricator.com/D21073

Yup - commenting out the compression - related lines unblocked it for me.

I’ll try and add a comment on the phabricator patch.