Unable to build lldb on Mac OS


Is there anyone with access to a Mac OS system that has time to take a look at this bug: 46190 – LLDB won't build with standalone (non-Xcode) command-line tools installed

I had to disable the lldb post-commit test we have in the release/11.x branch because of this bug and would like to get it enabled again.


When I’ve had compilation issues caused by CommandLineTools, the cause has been Homebrew’s install of pkg-config. Since it’s not always possible to uninstall pkg-config, the solution I use is to add -DPKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/false to CMake. On macOS, the Xcode SDK includes the libraries lldb needs, and CMake finds them without needing pkg-config. But when pkg-config is installed, the paths it provides from CommandLineTools are used instead. Using false is to simulate failure, at which point cmake continues on with its search and finds them in the SDK.