Unable to catch Win64 exceptions that occur in the mcjit(ted) code

Hi all,

In my MSVC-compiled project I am using MCJIT to run some generated code. I faced that in case of Win64 (‘x86_64-pc-win32-elf’) __try/__except block doesn’t work - the stack can not be unwound.
I have found that the only way to fix it is implementing my own registerEHFrames function of the Memory Manager (but I’m not sure this helps).

Maybe someone had a success solving the same problem?
What would be the best approach to catch exceptions from dynamically generated code on Win64?

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Hi Aliaksei,

Exceptions on Win64 are not supported yet.
Kai Nacke is working on the implementation.


2014/1/17 Aliaksei Zasenka <listhex@gmail.com>

Hi Yaron, Kai and all,

Thanks for your answer. What is the current status of the issue?

You wrote

Kai Nacke implemented a patch for mingw32 / Win64 / SEH exceptions for the LDC compiler on top of LLVM

Does it mean that Kai is working only on gcc-mingw Win64/SEH support? Is it planned to implement something like the RtlAddFunctionTable-based registrar for dynamically loaded code?

May be I can help fixing it?


This is the discussion thread for the patch:


I will forward you the latest message not in the archives yet.