Unable to detect that server started?

I'm trying to run scan-view and I'm repeatedly being told that

Starting scan-view at:

"WARNING: Unable to detect that server started"

Anybody got any ideas?

This is checked-0.163 and 0.167 so far. It does work occasionally... but I haven't figured out what would cause it to stop.


Hi Dave,

Unfortunately this bug has been around for a while, but neither myself nor Daniel Dunbar (the original author of scan-view) have had an opportunity to fix it. To make sure that we eventually resolve the issue, would it be possible if your filed a Bugzilla report against the static analyzer? I'll see if I can get to it soon.


Thanks Ted…

Bug logged: http://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=3723

I threw a couple more in there while I was at it :wink: