Unable to Run Inline Asm with MCJIT


I am first year PhD student at Stony Brook University. For one of my projects I am trying to JIT compile and run a C program containing inline assembly using MCJIT but I am not able to.

I have cloned and build LLVM-3.1. Below are more details.

Arch : x86
OS : Linux ubuntu 2.6.35-22-generic

Sample program : test_inline_asm.c

Hi Amit,

You’re not doing anything wrong. This is an error in ‘lli’ not properly initializing the native target libraries. Fixed in SVN trunk r167392.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply. I was able to figure out the problem in ‘lli’. InitializeNativeTargetAsmParser() was missing in lli.
I should have replied back saying that the problem was resolved. Hope I didn’t waste your time.


Nope, not a waste of time at all. It was a bug in lli that I’m glad to get resolved in top of tree. Thanks for reporting the issue!