unable to traverse FunctionTemplateDecl (right name?) with either RecursiveASTVisitor or Matcher


I can't seem to traverse the following with either a RecursiveASTVisitor or a AST Matcher converted to an ASTConsumer:

template<typename T> void h(T x) { .. }

First some things I'd like to note:
1) $ llvm-config --version

2) 'clang' actually does find the template function, so I suspect I'm doing something wrong in either the visitor and matcher, or in the compiler setup:
$ clang -Xclang -ast-dump -fsyntax-only file.cc
FunctionTemplateDecl 0x23e5330 <line:13:1, line:15:1> line:13:27 h

3) I am not a C++ expert, and I am a libtooling newbie.

I've attached the parsed subject (file.cc) and the code I'm using to build and run the test-case.

Thanks in advance,
John Feltz

file.cc (263 Bytes)

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clang_testcase.cc (4.62 KB)