undefined reference to .Llabel

I have been working on a compilation process that involves steps such as passing an application through transforms that I've written and combining the application with support code that I've written. When I compile an application using my compilation process without debugging, (i.e., "llvm-gcc -g"), everything works fine. However, when I compile an application using my compilation process with debugging, (i.e., "llvm-gcc -g"), I get linking errors that complain about undefined references to .LlableX, where X is some number.

Let me explain how my compilation process works. Let's say that an application is made of x.c and y.c and that the application is normally compiled as follows:

-g + optimization is unsupported at the moment. Off the top of my
head, I know that global DCE and inlining break debug info; probably
other also cause issues.


Thanks. I'm guessing that a combination of my transforms and the LLVM transforms are breaking the debug info.


Eli Friedman wrote: