Undergraduate summer Internship opportunity at IBM T.J. Watson Lab

Dear all

The Advanced Compiler Technology group at IBM T.J. Watson is looking for an excellent undergraduate student to join us for a summer internship.

Our group is currently working on Clang and LLVM developing an OpenMP compiler and related runtime libraries for IBM’s OpenPower platform. As part of our group, a successful candidate has the opportunity to conduct research on Power processor and NVIDIA GPU optimizations.

You will join many other PhD and undergraduate students at T.J. Watson lab, which is located about one hour by car north of Manhattan, in Westchester county, NY.

We are looking for a candidate with good programming skills in C++, an understanding of compilation technology, and some experience with LLVM projects.

To apply, send your resume, which has to include a list of attended undergraduate program exams and further experiences, to:



– Carlo