Understanding documentation for LLVM bindings

Hi, I’m new to LLVM, I’ve read the documentation and understood parts of it. But I have a few questions I’m stuck with.

  1. I’m generating LLVM IR code using the llvm_sysrust library, it is a wrapper over the C/C++ bindings. It points me to the Doxygen reference for llvm bindings. However I’m unable to relate the methods given in Doxygen to the actual LLVM IR instructions given in the language reference. Where can I find the relation between these?

    Here are a couple of specific examples - LLVMBuildLoad2 corresponds to which LLVM IR instruction? I couldn’t find anything similar mentioned in the reference. Similar for LLVMBuildStore.

    I vaguely understand that these are getting and setting pointer values in basic block. On the other hand for BuildCall2 I can’t think of a related instruction. Having a references for it’s semantics, or relation to actual instructions will be helpful.

  2. How can I download a specific version of the documentation? Currently I’m using 10.0.0 but the releases page does not have download option for this version’s documentation.

Please let me know if I should look up other sources before asking questions, or ask them in some other topic. Thank you for your help.