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Location: Roseville, MN

Unisys is looking for a Compiler Specialist for our facility in Roseville, MN. We have a ClearPath mainframe product line that has been running on custom CMOS CPUs. The Unisys 36-bit OS2200 CISC mainframe architecture has been evolving for many years and is too expensive to continue implementing in custom silicon, so we have also produced a version of the ClearPath OS 2200 mainframe system that is running emulated on the Intel platform. This version has been successfully released, and we are now looking for ways to significantly improve its performance. One of our research efforts has been in the area of dynamic binary translation. We are using the LLVM IR and Jit in our project, which also has significant business requirements for complete accuracy, backward compatibility and reliability as well as performance.

We are looking for an individual who has been involved in the development of LLVM, someone intimately familiar with the LLVM internals, who might be interested in coming to Minnesota and working with us on our challenging project. We are only 6 months into our dynamic translation effort, and anticipate that this work will continue on for several years. We would be interested in graduate students who might have this background, and interested in a full-time position.

I can be reached at 215-986-2718 or thomas.golden@unisys.com.

Thank you.

Tom Golden

Director of Recruiting | Technology, Consulting & Integration Solutions


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