UNSUPPORTED: LLVM :: Bindings/Go/go.test while llvm-go is available

⚙ D88241 OpaquePtr: Add type to sret attribute added type to 'sret' and broke the go binding test.
I "fixed" it (by removing 'sret') in rG63c58c2b9345
(The 'sret' test should be properly added back if it is deemed necessary.)

It seems that the configuration of test/Bindings/Go has some issues.
My build specifies -DLLVM_ENALBE_BINDINGS=on (default) and llvm-go is
built as a target. However, llvm-lit says that the test is unsupported.

   In llvm-project/test/Bindings
   % /path/to/bin/llvm-lit -v Go
   -- Testing: 1 tests, 1 workers --
   UNSUPPORTED: LLVM :: Bindings/Go/go.test (1 of 1)