Unsupported relocation of variable ' '

This was from my pile of workload dated back to the LLVM6.0 Release.
I had a transform pass which generates perfectly valid IR containing a bunch of indirectbr instructions. Seems like when targeting AArch64 backend , the compiler would crash with a message "Fatal Error: Error in backend: Unsupported relocation of variable ‘’ "

I’d like to know if this is a known bug and has been fixed in the 7.0 release? Since I haven’t got time to reduce the affected IR and submit a proper bug report yet.

Hello Zhang,

I don't think we can give you much of an answer without more details.
A brief grep for similar strings gives one result of "unsupported
relocation of variable" in

Given that you were targeting AArch64 something strange must have
happened or a similar string was removed from the AArch64 backend.
Either way I don't think we can say that the problem you were seeing
has been fixed.