Unwind + lli

Is there a problem using 'unwind' with lli? When I run the following program with lli, I get a crash:

    define i32 @main() {
      invoke void @throw_something() to label %nounwind unwind label %catch
      ret i32 1
      ret i32 0

    define void @throw_something() noreturn {

To run this, I am doing:

    llvm-as crash.ll
    lli -enable-eh crash.bc

I was going to report this as a bug, but I realized after simplifying my example to the smallest possible failure case, that no one could have missed this, so it must be something I am doing wrong or have missed. I also tried running it under gdb, but the debugger wasn't able to make sense of the stack frame at the crash site.

Note that if I add -force-interpreter to the command line, it runs OK. If I change the unwind to a ret void, it also runs OK.

-- Talin

Is there a problem using 'unwind' with lli?

Yes, the codegenerators do not know how to
codegen unwind! This applies to llc too. Using
the interpreter (lli -force-interpreter) might