Upcoming Events: Q&A talk proposal session, bay area meetup, Community.o, LLVM Dev Mtg

Hello LLVM Developers!

We have several exciting things in the works, and I wanted to share some of the dates so you can mark them on your calendar.

September 9: Q&A session for anyone interested in submitting a talk proposal for the upcoming LLVM Developers’ Meeting. 10am PDT and 10pm PDT sessions. Zoom links will be sent out next week.

September 20 (5pm PDT): Deadline for talk proposals for the LLVM Developers’ Meeting. Submit your proposal here: LLVM2021 Submissions

Mid-October: We are planning for an in-person outdoor LLVM Meetup in the Bay Area. We are currently securing a date/venue and once that is done, more details will be announced. This event will include time for round table discussions and networking. Attendance will be limited, with masks and vaccination required. We want to make this a safe event during these uncertain times.

November 16: Community.O event online (details in the next couple weeks)

November 17-19: LLVM Developers’ Meeting online

Tanya Lattner
President, LLVM Foundation