Upcoming runtime developments

Some of you may have noticed that we have just released a new version of the Intel Open Source OpenMP runtime at http://openmprtl.org, which means that it has features that are not yet pushed out here into the LLVM OpenMP runtime.

Please don’t get worried, though! This is not a fork, or any intent on Intel’s part to differentiate the features between the two versions. Rather we received some (somewhat intemperate) feedback when we pushed a lot of code in one go into the LLVM runtime. As was always our plan (the “code-bomb” that caused such a noise was us catching up so we could start using the new system from a clean state) we’ll soon be rolling out and reviewing individual functional patches that will bring the LLVM runtime back into line with the OpenMPRTL.org version. Johnny’s recent pair of patches were the first in this set.

We fully expect to integrate any differences and improvements that happen during code-review here as well, so that we don’t ultimately end up with different code at OpenMPRTL.org and here.

Given that it is nearly Christmas and many people are taking vacations, this patch roll-out may not start in earnest until January, but I wanted to make sure that you all understand what’s happening, and don’t get worried by the OpenMPRTL.org code being different from that here.

This also gives you the chance for a sneak preview of the features that will be coming soon by looking at the OpenMPRTL.org code if you can’t give up coding/reviewing for a holiday :-).

I will be on sabbatical (http://skiingjim.blogspot.com) in January and for most of February (and will be giving up coding if it would only snow in the Alps!), but I’m sure you can all make good progress without me!

– Jim

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