Update frequency of the LLVM APT repositories

Hi all,
The LDC Travis CI builds depend on the llvm.org APT repositories and have started to fail regularly while trying to obtain the packages from llvm.org/apt. The packages are sometimes unavailable. For example at the moment, llvm-3.9_3.9~svn270380-1~exp1_i386.deb is available but not llvm-3.9_3.9~svn270380-1~exp1_amd64.deb, and so the build is broken.

Could this be related to the (afaik) recent change in update frequency? I thought that before the packages were updated once a week, but now they are updated once a day (or even more frequent). For us, this high update frequency is not needed and updating once a week would be much nicer (we try to keep a manually-built Windows LLVM package in-sync with the APT revision).

Another cause of the problem may be that the APT packages seem to have changed from amd64 to i386.

Thanks a lot for helping to resolve the Travis failures,