Update information about Jade project

Hi everybody,

We work for a few week to update our project Jade (Just-In-Time Adaptive Decoder Engine) already referenced on "LLVM Projects" page (http://llvm.org/ProjectsWithLLVM/#jade). After some updates, we are able to compile Jade with the upcoming LLVM version.

I want to ask you if it is possible to update the first link for the Jade project on ProjectsWithLLVM page, since it is outdated ? The current link point to sourceforge trac app, but we migrated to GitHub a few months ago. Is it possible to update the link to the new page: https://github.com/orcc/jade ?

Thanks in advance,

Antoine Lorence

Hi Antoine,

Done with r181776.


Thank you very much.

Do you think it is possible to also include Jade in the referenced projects for the next 3.3 release note ?

I prepared a patch to that purpose.



jade_llvm-3.3.diff (1.19 KB)


I committed your patch @ r181886 with some minor edits, especially to
fit in 80-cols.


can we pull r181886 into the 3.3 release branch ? It only updates the
release notes.